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Let me help you with your safety Program!

Safety - a must have! 

Nobody likes to do paperwork - yet it's a very important part of our daily Ranch life. Let me save you time by making it quick and easy,so you can spend more time doing what you need to do!

Ranch Safety Signs

What I can help you with!

  • Monthly Safety Meetings and Site Inspection. I can organize and attend these meetings in person at each Ranch location for you once a month to ensure documents are on site, updated and in a binder. Alternatively, I can supply the topics and information to staff on sight. A Spanish version can be printed for foreign workers.

  • VBP+ Verification Audits or annual self-audits, as required.

  • ​ Environmental Farm Plans                                                               

  • ​Emergency Evacuation plans

  • Lead the Occupational Health and Safety Committee

  • Monthly Foreign Worker Housing report

  • Work Safe BC, claim management and responses                                               

Verified Beef Production
Environmental Farm Plan
worksafe BC
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